Spunk Lube Hybrid 2 Oz

Spunk Lube Hybrid 2 Oz

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Spunk Lube Hybrid is award winning, glycerin free and white and creamy. It is water based silicone based. Unlike any other personal lubricant available. Spunk Lube Hybrid is sex toy safe with all materials to include silicone, latex, glass, metal, rubber, neoprene, fabric and realistic. Spunk Lube is non-staining and will soften your skin. Spunk Lube Hybrid is the perfect blend of water and silicone. It is an all purpose personal lubricant that can be used for any occasion. You will love the natural feeling and look of Spunk Lube Hybrid. Lubricant is safe for sensitive skin. Spunk Lube Hybrid mimics natural body lubrication and feels great on your skin. Spunk Lube Hybrid is a water based silicone lubricant that resembles the look and feel of natural body lubrication (cum lube). It lets you feel the sensation of skin to skin contact. Spunk Lube Hybrid is a non staining, hypoallergenic formula that cleans up very easily. It's white, creamy and fun to use. Spunk Lube Hybrid is not sticky, tacky or greasy. Perfect for anal, vaginal, masturbation, solo, sex, toys, latex condoms and more. Spunk Lube Hybrid is formulated with the highest quality of ingredients. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. SPUNK Lube Hybrid reactivates with water, saliva or sweat. The lubricant of choice for many porn stars and adult studios. Spunk Lube Hybrid is the best all around personal lubricant for any occasion. It is a water based lube that is blended with the perfect amount of silicone. Grab a bottle of Spunk Lube Hybrid and enjoy. 2 fluid ounces bottle.

Brand: Spunk Lube

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