Vampire Gloves Leather Medium

Vampire Gloves Leather Medium Vampire Gloves Leather Medium

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Kink Lab Vampire Gloves Leather with Prickly Metal Points Medium. Soft, thin, sexy leather gloves with a fierce side: prickly metal points on the palms and fingertips. Glove creates an intense ticklish sensation. Great for sensory play. To turn up the play try with a blindfold. Buttery soft leather that hides a bite, Kinklab's vampire gloves are an excellent tool for sensation play, masochism, and all sort of other kinky fun. The bottom of each finger is studded with lots of sharp points, making each touch and grab gasp inducing, punctuating even the slightest sensations. Available in five different sizes to fit almost any user, try the pair on a submissive, or use one glove on each other for an incredible experience. Color: Black. Type: BDSM Gloves. Material: Leather, Metal. Size: Medium. New images added February 23, 2013.

Color: Black
Material: leather
Length: 4
Height: 9
Brand: Kink Labs

Price:  $48.95